If your citation number starts with 99, it was issued on a Mount Pleasant city street. To pay online, go to City Citation Payment.

Below are examples of reasons or excuses that will not be accepted during the appeal process.

• I only parked in that space for a few minutes.
• I didnít see the sign.
• Iím not familiar with parking regulations.
• I didnít have change. Or I was going to get change.
• There aren't enough legal/convenient parking spaces.
• No one else received a ticket.
• I have never received a ticket before in the area.
• The fine is too much.
• Time constraints, I was running late.
• I was only parking or stopping for a brief period of time.
• Expired permit.
• Failure to obtain/display the proper permit.
• Failure to file an appeal within the specific time period.

Central Michigan University Parking Services

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